Frequentally Asked Questions
How do you find potential employees?
CareerVine uses five key questions to screen potential leads for your openings. We prioritize those leads according to how closely they match your requirements. Our leads come directly from the candidates themselves so we are not just recycling the same people from different job boards.
How fast can I expect candidates?
When you post an opening, we will share it with our CareerVine network of talent. On average, we usually send you a list of qualified candidates almost immediately after an opening is posted.
Will someone be onsite to educate and implement CV to my staff?
After you create a profile on CareerVine, we will provide one 2-hour training session either online or in person. Our customer service team will also be available to answer any immediate questions you might have.
Does CV integrate with my HRIS?
No, CareerVine is a separate tool for your HR and recruiting department. We simply ask you represent CareerVine on your job board landing pages.
Is there a cap to the number of positions I can post on CV?
No. You may post as many openings as you wish on CareerVine.
Can I change the (5) questions?
No, the five questions are the standards that are part of every CareerVine screening.
Can I delete a job?
Can I repost a job?
Yes, you will be required to re-open that specific job from your hospital’s archived list.
Can I create duplicate postings of (1) position?
No. Our database is built on trust with our candidates. If we are deceitful with job leads, they might decide to withdraw their registration on CareerVine.
Who in my organization should be using CV?
We recommend that just the hiring team use CareerVine.
Do I have to provide feedback for the candidate scorecard?
We highly recommend that you provide feedback to as many candidates as possible. This will increase the transparency of our selection process and provide valuable feedback and encouragement to our candidates.
Why do I have to close out a position after I hire a candidate?
You don’t want to confuse future candidates on a position that might not be available any longer.
What is the HR audit report?
CareerVine makes HR records easy with a downloadable job audits including complete search per job. These reports include specific information on all candidates who applied to your post.
Can candidates contact me through the text chat?
No. Text chat is reserved for you and your CareerVine representative. Employers are only allowed to initiate through our messaging platform.
Frequentally Asked Questions
How do I know my info gets to the right person?
We have been contracted by employers to find qualified leads, so your information is going to the person directly involved with that specific hospital.
Who is viewing my information?
Only potential employers and the staff of CareerVine will view your information. We do not sell or give your information to other parties, nor will we post your information to other job boards.
I don’t see my hospital, why are there not more hospitals to choose from?
There could be at least two reasons why you do not see your hospital listed. 1.) They might not currently have a contract with CareerVine or, 2.) You might not match the requirements of their posting.
What happens after I apply?
After you apply, our algorithm will search for matches in our job vine and send matches to you. You will be contacted by the employer if they are interested in your application and job match.
Do I have to submit a resume?
Once you open your profile, you have the ability to upload a resume to your personal profile. Regardless, the more thoroughly you complete your profile on the CareerVine website, the better your chances of getting interest from an employer.
Is my information safe?
Your information is stored on an encrypted server. It will not be sold or shared with any third parties.
How am I updated regarding my application status?
If our algorithm matches you with a job lead, we will share your information with our client. If they are interested, they will contact you for interviews/further information or message you directly through the CareerVine platform.